What is bizhub vCare?

bizhub vCareTM is Konica Minolta developed technology embedded in our products.  It’s remote diagnostic software that allows our trained service technicians to monitor, manage and service your bizhub, bizhub PRO, bizhub PRESS multifunction products (MFP) and printers over the Internet with no disruption to your device or business.

It provides transparent 24/7 customer care, allowing our products to communicate to our central vCare diagnostic server for routine status updates, toner, and supply levels and meter reads, as well as urgent operational diagnostic messages when service is required. There are more than 250,000 Konica Minolta products connected and reporting their operational status — or "health" — to the vCare system nationwide.  With vCare, there’s less downtime and more productivity.

Our vCare system has been collecting MFP meter and diagnostic information for more than eight years, providing our engineers with useful data they in turn use to improve product quality and design. And that provides you with an optimized level of product and account support for your Konica Minolta solutions.